About the Coven

The Coven of the Blue Moon is an eclectic coven based at the top end of the Mornington Peninsula, south east of Melbourne, Victoria. 

The coven is a teaching coven, and welcomes newcomers and experienced people alike.

The Coven of the Blue Moon is an eclectic wiccan group that meets for sabbats and rituals, as well as offering Circle work for those wanting to learn about the craft.

Due to to the Covid pandemic, online meetings are also held when we are unable to meet in person. 

A key focus is on harmony and respect, as well as loyalty and commitment.

There is no room for group politics or conflict, and those disrupting the harmony of the coven will be told to leave.

We welcome those interested or newly starting their path, as well as those that have been following their path for many years, and to that end, the coven will teach beginners or those interested in learning more about wicca.

The Coven of the Blue Moon is a structured coven, with a degree system and initiation for those accepted in to the coven as full members.